Online Roulette
Online Roulette

Online Roulette

An online roulette wheel is nothing more than a software-based version of the actual roulette game. It has the same numbers, the same features and it is designed to work as closely as the actual wheel, designed a few centuries ago. Some of you will believe that the online wheel is prone to scams, etc. However, all of these wheels are controlled by a system which is designed to display random figures. In other words, online roulette wheels are even better when it comes to displaying random results. They are not affected by the time or wear and tear.

You can play online roulette at casino sites like William Hill, Fun Casino and Sky Casino.

Numbers on a roulette wheel

At first sight, you can see that a roulette wheel is labelled with numbers. They start at 0 and reach 36. Each number is coloured in red or black except zero which is coloured in green colour. But, here we can see two main differences. Once again, virtual roulette wheels are made as exact replicas of the actual wheels. The two main differences include

Roulette Wheel Numbers

American Roulette Wheel

The America Roulette Wheel is developed in the United States, and the most significant difference is in the number of pockets. There are 38. The numbers still range between 0 and 36, but we can see 0 and 00 pockets. The house edge here is -5.26% which is better for the casino! All other elements of the wheel are the same as any other wheel.

In this case scenario, we can see 37 pockets. The numbers still range between 0 and 36, but there is only one 0 pocket. There is no 00 pocket as the American wheel has. You will want to know that the main difference is also in the house edge. Here is it -2.7%.

For most professional players, European roulette is a preferable option. It is known for a lower loss among the players, and it is appreciated for better odds.

Online Roulette Simulator

The best example of the online roulette simulator. This isn’t the actual game, so you are not obligatory to invest real money or even to register. But, you are free to test the game and see how the roulette wheel looks and how it works. The simulator also offers you the ability to understand how the whole game work.

The result of a match is defined as the connection between the speeds of a wheel and a ball. The simulator, like the wheel in many other games, uses different speeds for each match, so the result is entirely random, every single time. Don’t forget that the direction of the wheel is different every single time. This is a common thing with all online games that use a roulette wheel.

We must add that testing the roulette system by software the casino provided isn’t a smart thing to do. That software is adapted or designed for that particular game, so the result is likely to be positive. Always use the independent testing software.