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NetEnt Roulette

French Roulette NetEnt This easy online casino recreation by means of NetEnt has super obvious appeal and smooth animation. When you load the game, you are greeted with a brilliant introductory video, after which the familiar roulette format seems. The soundtrack is likewise soothing, and as an entire, I discovered the appearance and feel of…

Best Roulette App

No matter what you do for a living, there is not a single human that does not want to have a little bit of fun. With the increased mobile phones development, we reached a point where today you can play games with real money through your phone, on the go. Lets go through the AllCasinoCash…

Roulette Wheel

A casino game, known as “The devil’s game” Roulette simply means “little wheel.” The game is believed to have borrowed some dynamics from an old English wheel game called “Rolly Polly”. …

Roulette Table

Are you an online casino fanatic? The Roulette Table could be your favorite choice. …

American Roulette

Online roulette is broadly speaking either American Roulette or European Roulette. Although they might appear the same, there are meaningful variations which ought to be understood before playing. Each roulette player around the sector suggests which you should usually play European Roulette and keep away from the American roulette variant completely. But why is that?…

Online Roulette

An online roulette wheel is nothing more than a software-based version of the actual roulette game. It has the same numbers, the same features and it is designed to work as closely as the actual wheel, designed a few centuries ago. Some of you will believe that the online wheel is prone to scams, etc….

European roulette

What is European roulette online? This question is both, simple and confusing at the same time. Almost all of you know what a roulette is, but the secret is in the word European. Straightaway, some of you will think that this is a type of roulette played in Europe only. However, this isn’t true. European roulette is a version of general, traditional roulette and yes, it comes with some differences, or better said with a difference.

The European roulette is a different version than the American roulette due to a single difference. The European Roulette has 37 compared to 38 ball pockets. The main difference is in the double zero pocket. In American roulette, we have a 0 and a 00 pockets, which are used to add edge to the house and make your winning odds lower!

In the European roulette, we have only one pocket with 0, and it makes a massive difference. This version of roulette is more popular among professional players, and it is more common online as well. Simply said, as a player, you will have higher odds of winning and this makes it the top choice for all online casinos.

Online european roulette strategy

When it comes to betting, it is the same in both cases. A player will have to place a bet on a colour field or the number and wait for the ball to stop on the roulette wheel. Where the ball will stop depends on the speed of the wheel and the ball. It can’t be predicted and is completely random every single time.

When we take a look at the online roulette, we can see the same basics. In general, you are looking at the same betting system as the one available in the real world. The main difference is in the fact all of that is performed virtually while using a computer or a smartphone.

The highest odd is the one when you bet on a specific number, and the ball ends up on it. In that case scenario, your stake may be multiplied by 35 times, meaning that you will win a massive amount of money.

Online casino european roulette

Luckily for all the players, playing European roulette is easier than ever. Nowadays, all online casinos are offering this possibility, and it is up to you to choose where you want to play.

Keep in mind that this game is the same regardless of the fact where you play it. But, the main difference is in the multiplier feature and the bonuses. Some casinos offer great welcome bonuses which will assist you even more in winning the prize, while others are limited. As a professional player, you will know all of this, and you will always choose a casino with the best type of bonuses. As an average player, you would make a mistake and choose a casino which looks great on you. Luckily, we helped you with the choice.

European Roulette was the very first version of Roulette.